Fibre Backed Wifi (Albany Only)

Our Fibre backed WIFI is a high performance, business grade service which allows connection to our Fibre network directly via Wifi. This means we can get your business online quickly, without the need for expensive cable trenching.

By connecting your business directly to our powerful Fibre network, your data will bypass all outdated broadband cables and overloaded phone exchanges (sometimes 40 years old). This means reliable, secure, low latency carrier grade performance at amazingly affordable prices.

As with all of our business broadband solutions, we dedicate a premium bandwidth to our customers. This means your business will get only the best speeds and reliability, not inconsistent performance on overloaded networks.

Key Features Of Our Fibre Backed Wifi Service

  • Carrier grade, very low latency
  • High Responsiveness, up 40 to 50 times greater response than our standard Broadband plans
  • Both download speeds and upload speeds are symmetrical. This means faster web browsing, email, remote desktop and file transfers
  • Secure, Fully encrypted and SSID’s are hidden
  • Continuously monitored for optimum performance by our network operations team
  • Fibre like speed, performance, and reliability for a much lower price (last mile service)
  • HD does the setup and install for you, you are not required to do anything

Fibre Backed Wifi Pricing

We are currently updating all service offerings to ensure we bring you the most competitive pricing. These will be available early next year. Feel free to contact us if you want to sign up urgently.

Call us today on 0800 001 252 to discuss how a fibre backed Wifi solution could benefit your business