HSNS (High Speed Network Service)

If your business requires a high performance broadband service with dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth, then a HSNS package from HD is the perfect solution.

An HSNS simply refers to a specially designed, customised inter-networking service, which can be delivered over copper or fibre cables.

The symmetrical bandwidth (same data rates uploading or downloading) of an HSNS ensures optimum performance in a business environment, where services such as VOIP phones, WANs or file transfers place a high demand on both upload and download rates.

Depending on the requirements of your business, as well as the location and availability of different cable services to your area, HSNS products and costs  can vary greatly.

This is why we recommend you get in touch with us to discuss a custom designed HSNS, so that we can ensure you get the best performance, at the best price.

We’re extremely flexible and innovative in our approach to HSNS networks, and have been able to deliver high performance solutions to many clients who thought that they were limited in their options due to their location.

HSNS Features

  • Shared bandwidth is free or you can add
    carrier-grade CIR bandwidth
  • /29 VLAN network (5 usable IPs)
  • Responsive technical support with 24/7 Service Level Agreement
  • 99.7% uptime guarantee
  • Access to our expert helpdesk at no additional cost
  • Live online bandwidth graphs
  • Always-on service

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