Fibre Optic UFB From HD

Fibre Optic UFB offers an incredibly high speed and low latency broadband to your business. Our state of the art network is able to deliver a range of carrier grade UFB solutions, which can be tailored completely to suit your needs.

Fibre UFB Means High Performance For Demanding Online Applications

  • Cloud based networking
  • VOIP phone systems
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • Large multimedia transfers
  • Fast online backups

Business UFB Features

  • No Term Contract
  • No Termination Fee
  • No rate limiting, filtering or caching
  • Fast business broadband with our superior business bandwidth
  • No limits on download/upload speeds and no traffic-shaping, meaning speeds as fast as your line can handle.
  • Unlimited Free National Data: Communicate remotely with office workers, backup office data, and access all national web sites for free
  • International Data Block Overage $0.79 per GB
  • Private VPN for WAN Support
  • Multiple IP Addresses (Subnets)
  • Free Static IP
  • Access to our expert business helpdesk at no additional cost
  • Live online usage meter and account management
  • FREE SIP Phone Line
  • FREE Local Phone Number
  • FREE Voicemail
  • FREE Caller ID
  • FREE Call Waiting
UFB Availability Maps
The UFB wholesaler we use will depend on which region of NZ you’re in. To find out whether you can get UFB at your address, please click on the appropriate region below to be taken to the relevant wholesaler’s website. You can then type your address into their mapping tool.

Ultra Flexible Business UFB Pricing

Our unique ‘build your own’ UFB pricing structure gives  your business the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to specify not only your base speeds and data allowance, but also the option to include additional CIR (Committed Information Rate or ‘minimum’ speed) and PIR (Peak Information Rate or ‘maximum’ speed) blocks, giving you total control over your bandwidth speeds.

Business UFB Base Pricing

Max Speed Down/Up
Guaranteed Speed
Business UFB 30/10 Premium30Mbs / 10Mbs5Mb/s / 5Mb/s$90.00
Business UFB 100/50 Premium100Mbs / 50Mbs10Mb/s / 2.5Mb/s$95.00
Business UFB 100/100 Premium100Mbs / 100Mbs100Mb/s / 100Mb/s$795.00

International Data Blocks

International Data Block
International Data Block
25GB$7.00200 GB$35.00
50 GB$12.00300 GB$45.00
75 GB$16.00500 GB$60.00
100 GB$20.00750 GB$80.00
150 GB$28.001 TB$95.00

National CIR / PIR Blocks

National CIR
National CIR / PIR
1Mbps$30.001Mbps / 3Mbps$37.50
2Mbps$60.002Mbps / 5Mbps$72.00
5Mbps$150.005Mbps / 10Mbps$172.50
10Mbps$300.0010Mbps / 15Mbps$345.00
25Mbps$750.0015Mbps / 20Mbps$517.50
50Mbps$1,425.0020Mbps / 50Mbps$850.00
75Mbps$1,912.5050Mbps / 100Mbps$1,550.00

International CIR / PIR Blocks

International CIR
International CIR / PIR
1Mbps$40.001Mbps / 3Mbps$50.00
2Mbps$80.002Mbps / 5Mbps$100.00
5Mbps$200.005Mbps / 10Mbps$250.00
10Mbps$400.0010Mbps / 15Mbps$500.00
25Mbps$950.0015Mbps / 20Mbps$725.00
50Mbps$1,750.0020Mbps / 50Mbps$950.00
75Mbps$2,500.0050Mbps / 100Mbps$2,100.00

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