Load Balancing Service

Server load can lead to downtime and lost business opportunities on high traffic and eCommerce sites. Our advanced fortigate based load balancing system has been designed to provide a solid, highly redundant and cost effective tool for managing server loads and maximising uptime.

If your web site or application requires maximum uptime and reliability, then our advanced load balancing service is the perfect solution.

Our State Of The Art Load Balancing Service Features

  • Load Balancing automatically distributes traffic among two or more servers, ensuring that no server is unduly loaded
  • Performance: Your website or Internet application will experience greater speed by distributing the load among multiple servers, maximising reliability, responsiveness and throughput for a better customer experience
  • High Availability: Downtime is eliminated by automatically redirecting traffic in the event of a server failure or network congestion
  • Highly redundant, high quality service based on award winning Fortigate appliances
  • Individual hosts behind the Load Balancer are monitored for availability, to allow ease of maintenance and to ensure that a failure of one host does not cause intermittent failures for users
  • Scalability: Easily expand your hosting platform to meet increased demand by adding servers, without having to change your configuration or take your existing servers down for an upgrade

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