Why Choose HD?

The answer is simple: With HD you pay for quality, and you get quality.

This basic philosophy underpins all of our products and services, from home broadband connections to advanced corporate IT environments.

We understand that our customers want a service that they can rely on. In order to achieve this, we take extensive measures to ensure that all of our products and services not only meet the requirements of our clients, but also have the redundancy and scalability to consistently exceed them.

Sadly, unreliable network performance is something many New Zealand businesses and home users have begun to expect from their providers. Our goal is to change that expectation and to set the bar higher.

Ensuring quality at every step means performance you can rely on

Dedicated High Quality Bandwidth

Unlike most other ISPs, we don’t oversell bandwidth to keep costs down. This practice inevitably slows networks and leads to costly downtime for the end user. Instead, we dedicate specific bandwidth allocations to each of our customers, ensuring consistently high performance.

Fast, High Capacity Network

Our network maintains more than twice the capacity that our clients use, leaving ample room for periods of high usage.

No Term Contracts

At HD we believe that quality and customer satisfaction should be the way to keep customers, rather than locking them into term contracts. We’re confident that once you’ve tried HD’s superior range of services, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Flexible, Customised Services

From custom built broadband services to complex IT infrastructures, our enthusiastic and experienced staff take pride in designing innovative, high performance solutions to fit your needs.

Privately Owned Datacentre

Most NZ ISPs lease server space within a shared Datacentre facility. At HD we own and operate our own state of the art Datacentre right here on Auckland’s North Shore, meaning we can monitor and address any faults 24/7/365. This results in greater uptime and unbeatable peace of mind for you or your business.

Highly Skilled 100% NZ Based Support Staff

Rather than diverting your support needs to foreign call centres, our highly skilled, 100% New Zealand based support team will make sure any issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Looking for a more reliable service provider? Call us today on 0800 001 252 and let’s get talking.