HD Wholesale We are the leading network focused solely on supporting successful Virtual ISPs in a fast evolving environment.


HD is committed to providing high quality wholesale services at extremely competitive pricing. Our strategic partnerships & volume leveraging mean we’re uniquely positioned to help your business gain a valuable competitive advantage.

There’s no need to buy directly from the carrier, when we can provide similar wholesale prices with the additional benefits of customised pricing packages, maximum flexibility & expert 24/7 support.

We provide the unique advantage of delivering wholesale services at carrier pricing, customised specifically to your business needs.


We provide VISPs with carrier-grade bandwidth at a contention ratio of 1 to 1. We have bandwidth in stock & ready to allocate, at speeds from 10Mb/s to 5Gb/s or larger

Broadband Ports

If you are an IT firm offering telecommunications services or looking to become a VISP, then Wholesale Ports from HD will give you a significant advantage


We have installed our own equipment in numerous Chorus exchanges throughout NZ, we can connect to you from these exchanges to provide HD services

Wholesale Servers

If you are looking to lease more than 5 Dedicated servers or resell them on your website, contact us to find out about our Volume Dedicated Server pricing.


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