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Data loss is a real danger, no matter what storage device you use. Important files - like your photos, videos or critical work documents deserve a great backup strategy to protect against unexpected loss, natural disasters, or simple accidental deletion. Let HD Cloud Backup help with robust & flexible solutions.

With customisable & expandable storage space, we use Synology products and host them inside our Datacentre making the perfect solution for backing up any device, whether it's a Windows computer, Mac, or external storage device.

For Windows

Back up everything on your Windows computer - photos, music, documents - directly to Synology NAS using Cloud Station or other backup apps

For Mac

HD Cloud includes no-hassle Time Machine support, allowing Mac OS X users to easily backup & recover their files

For External Devices

For those with many files saved on external hard drives, simply back up everything directly to your Synology NAS via USB cable*

Cloud Sync

Sync Whichever way you Want

One-way sync lets you copy files from one place to another, without going the other way around. For example, you can back up files on your DiskStation to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, without syncing all the files in Google Drive to your DiskStation.



Encrypt Data Before Uploading to Public Cloud Services

The public cloud has become a popular tool for storing and backing up files, but there will always be related security concerns. Thankfully, Cloud Sync can now encrypt and compress your data before uploading it to a public cloud service. Take advantage of free storage space in the cloud, without sacrificing the security of your personal data.

Quickly Browse & Restore Single Files

The great thing about multi-version backup is having the ability to go back and restore files from a previous point in time, just in case you accidentally overwrite or delete an important document. This experience is now even better with the new file browsing feature, which lets you save time by finding and restoring only the files you need, without having to restore an entire folder.


Automatically Rotate Backups & Conserve Storage Space

When performing scheduled data backups, the new rotation settings let you automatically delete older, unnecessary versions of backups, making version control a breeze. If a certain version is particularly important, you can lock it and prevent it from being automatically deleted.

Optimise storage and version history with Smart Recycle
Smart Recycle deletes older versions when the maximum limit is reached, but keeps an intelligent mix of backups from the past day, month, and earlier, potentially reducing storage consumption while maintaining greater flexibility for point-in-time recovery.

Protect Your Data, Intelligently & Conveniently

Whenever transferred across a network, your data should be encrypted to prevent prying eyes from snooping on any sensitive information. The multi-version backup feature now supports 256-bit AES encryption for TLS, meaning you can secure your data and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. When combined with a model including a built-in hardware encryption engine, there is no reason not to encrypt all of your backups



Take advantage of multi-version backup & get the ability to restore files from a previous point in time!

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