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Does your business need to host complex infrastructures to support data security and corporate governance? Private cloud hosting on our secure servers will provide the high performance, stable, and reliable solution you require. It’s time to stop thinking in terms of physical hardware, and start thinking in terms of capacity.

By utilising the hardware infrastructure of our privately owned, tier 3 Datacentre, Private Cloud delivers all the benefits of HD Public Cloud services such as scalability and agility, but also provides the control and customisation capabilities of your own dedicated resources.

Because Private Cloud by HD is built on our servers/SANs and using Microsoft HyperV, customers remain in control of cloud implementation, portability, platform and management tools, while still saving on capital expenditure, maintenance costs, support, and physical floor space.

Cloud computing delivery platform allows users to access Private Cloud server resources on-demand. These platforms are designed to scale quickly & reduce legacy IT overhead. Our Private Clouds are built for enterprise IT operating models, meaning faster provisioning of business IT resources.


Rapid Scalability

Coupled with the reliability & performance of a dedicated virtualised platform means a future-proofed, agile infrastructure


Pay as you Go

Only pay for the cloud resources that IT departments use; not what they plan to use


Microsoft Hyper-V

Cloud computing delivery platform that allows users to access Private Cloud resources on-demand


NZ Based

Our friendly New Zealand based support staff are here for you, as you need them, when you need them


The ultimate development platform. Dedicated, secure enterprise grade resources at your fingertips!

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