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HD IT operations and network management solutions help your IT operations teams rapidly identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business services.

They provide incident detection, alert analytics, security features and automation for more efficient and agile IT operations and network management.


Cost Reduction

We offer competitive rates and flexible structures based on your needs. We are dedicated to bring your costs inline with national mediums


Hardware Knowledge

HD believes in stocking only the best hardware possible. We only sell you what you need future-proofing your business.



An extension of your IT admin team, we work on your behalf, taking actions related to your hosted software & network taking accountability for any issues.



Any day, any time, our NZ based experts are working the phones, support tickets and datacentre to provide you the live, expert support you can rely on.


Recognise opportunities to optimise operations & reduce costs, predict & prevent issues before they impact users and identify, isolate & resolve problems faster

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