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An extension of your IT admin team, we work on your behalf, taking actions related to your hosted software & network taking accountability for any issues



No cookie-cutter solutions. If there's a need or an issue related to your services, it's our job to recommend and implement practical and stable solutions



Through support tickets, time tracking, project tracking & account reviews, we always keep you informed and in the loop. If we know it, you know it



Any day, any time, our NZ based experts are working the phones, support tickets and datacentre to provide you the live, expert support you can rely on

Network Add-ons


Advanced Monitoring

Uptime is critical to the success of your business.

Advanced Monitoring by HD includes monitoring of availability and performance of publicly-available system services. Additional service checks can be conducted for services based on customer-defined attributes.

Our experienced team of network operations engineers will monitor your services around the clock.


HD offers carrier-grade bandwidth to both businesses and ISPs around New Zealand across our dependable diversely connected low-latency nationwide network.

We have bandwidth ready to be allocated ranging in speeds from 10 Mb/s right the way up to 1Gb/s. HD has a diversely connected low-latency network.

Bandwidth Prices Start From
1 Mbps CIR/ 3Mbps $40
2 MbpsCIR / 5 Mpbs PIR $70
5Mpbs CIR / 10 Mpbs PIR $170
15 Mpbs CIR / 20 Mpbs PIR $330
20 Mpbs CIR / 50 Mpbs PIR $480
50 Mpbs CIR / 1000 Mpbs PIR $1200


Load Balancing

High Server load can lead to downtime and lost business opportunities on high traffic and eCommerce sites which can be catastrophic if this happens.

By distributing and sharing traffic load among multiple servers your client facing performance will be improved, each visitor is directed to the least busy front-end server.

Don’t let too much of a good thing become a problem. Let us help you.

Virtual Firewalls

The new age of IT has brought an ever changing environment and making sure you secure your business’ vital assets is critical.

Staying stagnant is no longer an option with the ever growing threats being made to your integrity and confidentiality of your services.

Maximum protection for your network
Anti Virus provides automatic enforcement on network users
Ability to DMZ or VLAN traffic according to customer needs
Real Time reporting
Protects network elements at the point of entry
Firewall service features N+1 redundancy

Make the most our of your IT environment by utilising Network Add-ons by HD.

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