We are a top-tier NZ ISP

We partner directly with all LFC's and RBI's


National Network

  • HD has five network POPs (Point of Presence) in Auckland, One POP in Wellington, Christchurch & Sydney.
  • Our network runs over our own dark fibre ring which is protected within Auckland via North & West paths for diversity and redundancy back to our datacentre.
  • Our network infrastructure utilises advanced routing/switching protocols (including BGP, OSPF and HSRP) for rapid convergence and automated failover.
  • We have a protected path for National Transit between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • We interconnect with most of the major ISP’s via peering agreements.

Datacentre Network

  • Multi-path, self-healing, Cisco Enterprise 10 Gigabit core network is powered by fully redundant core equipment with multilayer switches capable of traffic rates as high as 10 gigabits per second
  • Diverse carriers, divergent fibre paths, and full BGP routing provide a superior level of performance and fault tolerance
  • We maintain two times the capacity our clients utilise, providing ample room for bandwidth spikes

Network Latency

  • Auckland to Australia – 24ms
  • Auckland to USA – 122ms
  • Auckland to Hong Kong – 138ms
  • Auckland to UK – 224ms


Any day, any time, our NZ based experts are working the phones, support tickets & datacentre to provide you the live, expert support you can rely on

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