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Businesses work with HD because they trust us with their customers, their partners & ultimately their reputations. They expect exceptional service & a responsive working relationship from the first sales call. We understand that your business needs are unique, which is why we have created a partner network for you to engage with us in the way that best suits your business.

Let us help you create the infrastructure that meets your customer's requirements.

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Internet Services Telecommunications Datacentre Services Cloud Services

HD Affiliate Program

Refer your customers to HD & you can earn up to 25% from every payment that client makes each month for the entire life of their account.

Paying you this commission is our way of showing you our appreciation for encouraging people to make the right choice by choosing HD.

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We’re committed to providing high quality wholesale services at extremely competitive pricing.

Our strategic partnerships & volume leveraging mean we are uniquely positioned to help your business gain a valuable competitive advantage.

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