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At HD, we have been the successful link for many New Zealand startup ISP’s & IT Businesses, giving them a stable, solid service to on sell to their customers.

We are expanding to offer a startup incubator program to grow a portfolio of successful small ISP’s & IT businesses by investing our time, staff resources, experience, facilities & money into their venture, we are not limiting our program to just ISP’s & IT Business, but also SaaS & PaaS ideas.

Entrepreneurs who wish to enter our incubation program can contact us below.

How It Works

You get your chance to pitch us your vision & idea, if successful we would negotiate our terms of engagement in your venture. These would include help with on-going accounting/financial management, introduction to strategic partners, advisory board & a mentor, technology commercialisation assistance, secure funding & cash flow security from our team.

We Also Help With
Paying Wages
Business Basics
Office Space & Utilities
Datacentre Services


Applications are open all year round.
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