SIP Services by HD

Get superior call quality and great toll rates with a SIP Trunk from HD


SIP is now becoming the standard in voice connectivity for businesses. Despite this trend, some customers still remain apprehensive of digital phone systems, mainly due to poor experiences in the past with cheap calling providers operating on over committed networks.

At HD we understand the need for high quality, reliable voice services, and have strived to build our network and pricing plans around these core values rather than ‘bells and whistles’.


Rapid Set-up

Rapid set up is critical and of highest priority, HD's installation process is quick & uninterrupted


Superior Performance

Our network allows us to support international standard uncompressed g711 format calls



Our engineers manage all technical aspects of your SIP service, including extensions and security


No Contracts

Our competitively priced plans, allow us to offer no term contracts & no early cancellation fees


A SIP Trunk allows multiple digital phones for your office, providing free inter-office calling and great toll rates

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